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The Turkish Handmade Copper Mug from our Copper Collection seems to be a delightful and functional addition to your kitchen or a thoughtful gift, especially for copper lovers or those who appreciate handmade craftsmanship. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

1. Material and Construction:

• Made from 100% genuine copper with a tin interior lining.
• No harmful chemical coatings are used, ensuring the safety of the products.

2. Size and Capacity:

• Diameter: 8.2 cm (3 inches)
• Height: 12 cm (4 inches)
• Capacity: 600 ml

3. Versatility:

• Suitable for all kinds of drinks, but caution is advised with hot beverages to prevent the mug from getting too hot.

4. Health Benefits of Copper:

• Proper growth of the body.
• Efficient use of iron.
• Healthy enzymatic reactions.
• Promotion of healthy connective tissues, hair, and eyes.
• Prevention of premature aging.
• Increased energy production.
• Support for regular heart rhythm and balanced thyroid glands.
• Reduction in arthritis symptoms.
• Rapid wound healing.
• Increased red blood cell formation.
• Lowering cholesterol.

5. Handmade Beauty:

• Crafted from the finest quality copper, offering unparalleled craftsmanship.
• Expected to provide a lifetime of durability.

6. Turkish-Style Tableware:

• Brings original and authentic old Turkish-style tableware to your home.


7. Heat Retention:

• Copper is excellent at transferring and retaining heat, ensuring your drinks stay ice-cold for a longer period.

8. Health Claims:

• Latest health claims suggest that copper may help improve blood circulation, increase energy, and stabilize metabolism.
For potential buyers, the emphasis on the health benefits of copper and the assurance of 100% genuine copper without harmful coatings may be particularly appealing. Additionally, the unique handmade craftsmanship and the Turkish-style design add an aesthetic touch to the product, making it suitable for both functional use and decorative purposes.

3 reviews for Copper Beer Mug, Copper Wedding Anniversary, Custom Beer Stein, Mule Mug, Beer Lover, Gift

    Alasdair M
    7 February 2024
    As described in the blurb.
    25 December 2023
    Was not very well packaged but did arrive safely The item itself is good
    allen abeln
    10 October 2023
    Great craftsmanship and very beautiful

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