Finger Turkish Delight with Orange and Hazelnut 350gr. Turkish Delight, Favorite Ottoman Dessert, Vegan Dessert Gluten-Free, Special Gift

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Nuts by Delight Type: Pistachio, Hazelnut, Almond, Walnut

– Vegan
– Gluten-Free

Before we talk about the story of Turkish delight on the stage of history, we need to talk about how it got its name. It is known that it got its name from an Arabic word known as “rahat-ul hulküm”. This word means “throat reliever”. It is also known that he was influenced by a word of Persian origin known as “lukme”. This word of Persian origin means “food thrown into the mouth at once”. It is known that the meaning of the word Lokum emerged from these words.

When we take a glance at the past of Turkish delight, there are many rumours. One of these rumours is that it has been made in Anatolian lands since the 15th century. However, since there are many rumours about Turkish delight, some sources say that Turkish delight entered Anatolian lands in the 18th century.

Lokum is a dessert known for its high quality. Turkish delights, each slice of which is carefully prepared, offer a unique taste. When consumed with the pleasure of coffee, it literally becomes a feast. Delights can also be presented as a perfect gift to your loved ones. You can surprise and make them happy by giving a special gift to your spouse, lover, mother, or father.

Finger Turkish Delight

Finger Turkish Delight, which is the most consumed among Turkish Delight varieties, is at Kayrana Organic Market with many varieties and different flavours. It is also known as finger Turkish Delight among the people and the only feature that distinguishes it from other Turkish Delights is its shape. Compared to the cube-cut classic Turkish Delight, Finger Turkish Delight is thinner and longer. Finger Turkish Delight, which was frequently consumed by the sultan and the people in Ottoman cuisine, is also consumed by everyone, from small to large, today. Finger Turkish Delight is suitable for your taste at Kayrana Organic Market!

Unique Flavour: Finger Turkish Delight

With its wide range of flavours, Finger Turkish Delight appeals to every palate. You can easily create an order through our website. Finger Turkish Delight with pistachios can be consumed at any time of the day and you should definitely try it with Turkish coffee. Finger Turkish Delight, which contains intense pistachios, is a practical treat that you can offer to your guests on special occasions or guests. How should Finger Turkish Delight, which has an exquisite taste and aroma on the palate, be stored? It should be stored in a cool, dry and sun-free place. Storing under the right conditions will allow you to consume the same quality for a long time after production. Create your Finger Turkish Delight order in order not to be caught unprepared for your guests. You can also browse other Turkish Delight varieties.

Pomegranate Turkish Delight

Finger Turkish Delight is a delicious option that you can consume at any time in daily life and on special occasions. You can give this flavour a chance not only for guests but also to make yourself happy. You can choose Finger Turkish Delight with pomegranate as a snack or with coffee. It is carefully prepared by selecting the freshest pomegranates. Pomegranate Finger Turkish Delight, which is among our special flavours, will be a snack that children will love to consume with its unique aroma.

Package Weight: 350gr. / 0.78lb

Pistachio Finger Turkish Delight: Soft Flavour, Crowned with Walnut Pistachio

Pistachio Finger Turkish Delight is a delicious option that you can enjoy in your daily life and on special occasions. Get ready to meet this special flavour while hosting your guests or to make yourself happy. You can choose it as a snack with your coffee or just for pleasure. Pistachio Finger Turkish Delight, which is carefully prepared with the freshest and highest quality walnut peanuts, will be the favourite of both children and adults with its magnificent taste.

Package Weight: 350gr. / 0.79lb

Turkish Delight with Orange Hazelnut Fingers: Unique Flavour, Refreshing Sadness of Orange

Orange Hazelnut Turkish Delight is a flavour that colours even ordinary days and makes special moments unforgettable. When the refreshing sadness of orange meets quality hazelnuts, a unique aroma emerges. You can offer this magnificent flavour to your guests as well as for your own enjoyment. Orange Hazelnut Finger Turkish Delight, which gives a feeling of freshness in every bite, is among the special flavours of Kayrana Organic Market.
Package Weight: 350gr. / 0.79lb

This special flavour, which offers a unique experience both visually and aromatically, meets you in boxes weighing 350 grams. Carefully selected quality pistachios and vanilla will bring festivity to your palate with every bite. Vanilla Pistachio Finger Turkish Delight is ready to add flavour to your special moments with its unique aroma and taste.

Finger Turkish Delight Order

Finger Turkish Delight, which is purchased as a treat or gift on special occasions, is especially consumed with Turkish coffee. You can choose from Finger Turkish Delight varieties with many flavour options. Package Weight: 350gr. / 0.79lb

Finger Turkish Delight Order

Finger Turkish Delight, which is purchased as a treat or gift on special occasions, is especially consumed with Turkish coffee. You can choose from Finger Turkish Delight varieties with many flavour options. Finger Turkish Delight prices; It varies according to production content and weight. Enjoy the privilege of quality by ordering online by visiting our website for Finger Turkish Delight, which is affordable for your taste and budget.

Kayrana Organic Market’s Finger Turkish Delights in different flavours are waiting for you in special boxes weighing 350 grams. Create your order now to discover these magnificent flavours and pamper your palate. High-quality and carefully prepared Finger Turkish Delights are specially designed just for you. Bon appetite in advance!

Coating Materials According to Turkish Delight Type:
Coconut, Cocoa, Sesame, Raspberry Cracked Crepe, Zeresk Grape, Dark Flex Chocolate, White Flex Chocolate, Caramel, Saffron, Kadaif, Dragee

Dried Fruit by Delight Type:
Dried Fig, Kiwi, Pomelo, Pineapple, Date, Blueberry, Cherry, Pear, Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Blackberry, Mango, Melon

Aromas According to Turkish Delight Type:
Pomegranate, Chocolate, Vanilla, Bergamot, Caramel, Raspberry, Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Kiwi, Green Apple, Cherry, Cocoa, Black Mulberry, Melon, Watermelon, Gol, Banana, Peach, Coffee


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