Handmade Copper Kettle, Solid Uncoated Copper Teapot Kettle Stovetop Teapot, Tea Kettle, Home Décor, Kitchen Décor, Housewarming Gift

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The exquisite copper teapots offered in a 1.3-litre size are crafted with meticulous care, reflecting a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Each teapot is designed and manufactured to ensure the ideal brewing of tea while preserving its nutritional properties.

Teapot Specifications:

• Size: 8.8 cm
• Height: 11 cm
• Weight: 842 grams
• Capacity: 1300 ml
• Thickness: 0.8 mm

Key Features:

• Impressive Thermal Conductivity: The teapots boast excellent thermal conductivity of copper, ensuring an even and efficient brewing process.

• Health-Conscious Choice: By using these teapots, you not only acquire a kitchen utensil but also make a health-conscious choice due to the benefits associated with copper.

• Standard Capacity: The standard-sized teapot provides ample capacity for various tea-making needs, whether it’s for a small gathering or a cozy tea time alone.

• Traditional Craftsmanship: Embrace the tradition and elegance of copper with these teapots, which are completely handmade and produced using traditional methods.

• Unique and Heavy Construction: Each teapot is heavy and thick, offering durability and uniqueness. Due to their handmade nature, slight differences may exist between individual pieces, making each one unique.

• 100% Genuine Copper: The teapots are crafted from 100% pure copper without any harmful chemical coatings, ensuring safety and authenticity.

• Handmade Beauty: The Collection prides itself on offering unparalleled craftsmanship with a lifetime of durability, ensuring each teapot is a work of handmade beauty.

• Thermal Properties: Copper is known for its ability to transfer and retain heat, ensuring your drinks stay cold or hot for longer durations.

Maintenance Tips:

• Avoid Soaking: Do not soak the teapot and ensure it is not left unattended.
• Dry Immediately: After use and washing, dry the teapot with a towel to prevent water damage.
• Gentle Care: Avoid using metal scrubbers or harsh materials on the copper surface.
• Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Refrain from using harsh chemicals or copperware with high acidity.
• Hand Wash Only: The teapot should be hand washed to maintain its quality and durability.
• Maintaining Shine: Over time, copper may lose its shine and luster. You can use copper cleaner, polisher, or even ketchup to restore its shine.

1 review for Handmade Copper Kettle, Solid Uncoated Copper Teapot Kettle Stovetop Teapot, Tea Kettle, Home Décor, Kitchen Décor, Housewarming Gift

    23 November 2023
    Absolutely gorgeous! cant stop admiring it

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