Luxury Boxed Pink Velvet Prayer Mat Quran Tasbeeh Bookmark Gift Set, Ramadan Eid Hajj Wedding Gift, Anniversary Muslim Prayer Rug

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🌟 Luxurious Boxed Prayer Mat and Quran Set 🌟

Not just a product set but an elegant expression of special moments and prayers! This sophisticated set stands out as both an emotional gift and a stylish choice for your trousseau.

The Quran is a full Arabic version.

The Surahs inside DUA BOOK: Al-Fatihah, Al-Baqarah, Al-Kahf, As-Sajdah, Ya-Sin, Ad-Dukhan, Al-Fath, Al-Hujurat, Qaf, Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqi’ah, Al-Hashr (last 5 ayah), Al-Jumu’ah, Al-Mulk, Al-Qiyamah, An-Naba, An-Nazi’at, Ash-Sharh, Al-Qadr, Az-Zalzalah, Al-‘Adiyat, At-Takathur, Al-‘Asr, Al-Humazah, Al-Fil, Quraysh, Al-Ma’un, Al-Kawthar, Al-Kafirun, An-Nasr, Al-Masad, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Nas.


Box Size : 27x19x5 cm / 10.6×7.4×2 inches
Quran: 13×18 cm / 5×7 inches
Prayer Mat: 68×128 cm / 27×51 inches

Set Contents:

Velvet Quran (Bag Size 12×16): Sealed with care and featuring a carefully selected velvet cover that embraces you with every reading.

Gifted Silk Nur Tafta Prayer Mat (Cream 68×110 cm – 300 gr): This prayer mat will not only serve your prayers but also add an elegant touch to your space.

Luxurious Stone-Adorned Cream Tasbeeh: Create a sense of luxury and peace in your hands as you hold onto your beads.

99-Bead Pearl Tasbeeh and Plexi Bookmarker: Elegant accessories to accompany you as you complete your prayers and navigate through the pages.

Product Features:

Box Dimensions: 27x19x5 cm, presented in an elegant gift box.
Quality Materials: Every piece in the set is crafted to add value to your special moments.
This set is not just for you but also an unforgettable gift option for your loved ones. Purchase now to add a touch of luxury to your sacred space on special occasions or just because!


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