Makeup Brush & Sponge Holder, Silicone Bag Travel Magnetic Suctioned drying stand

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Makeup Brush Sponge Holder, Silicone Makeup Brush Covers Bag Travel Beauty Blender Holders Suctioned Drying Stand,Magnetic Makeup Brushes Case Organizer for Traveling Cute Portable (2brush+2sponge)
Compact Size: Fits perfectly in your makeup bag, keeping it organized and clean.

Washable Material: Easy to clean, ensuring your makeup bag stays fresh and hygienic.

Two Colors for Separation: Allows you to separate your brushes by color, making it convenient to locate specific brushes quickly.

Soft Touch Material: The soft material is gentle to the touch and won’t pick up debris or hair, maintaining the cleanliness of your brushes.

Ventilated Sponge Holder: The sponge holder is designed with strips to facilitate ventilation, helping to keep your brushes dry and preventing the buildup of moisture.

Overall, this makeup brush holder is a practical and hygienic solution for organizing your brushes while on the go.

Makeup Brush Sponge Holder

Makeup Brush Sponge Holder silicone
Silicone Makeup Brush Covers
Beauty Blender Holders
4Pack Makeup Brush Sponge Holder


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