Olive Wood Rustic Bowls, Natural Wooden Edge Bowl, Health and Elegance with Galaxy Natural Formed Olive Tree Sauce Bowl, Best Holiday Gift

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Galaxy Natural Formed Sauce Bowl is always eye-catching with its unique texture. High-quality olive wood is an ideal choice for food use with its antibacterial, highly scratch-resistant, and odour-free properties. The unique craftsmanship and the magnificent texture of the North Aegean trees perfectly complement the ambiance of your kitchen.

Dimensions: 10 cm

Produced from venerable olive trees, these miraculous products are effortlessly blended with inspiration from nature. Each one is a true wonder of nature, adding warmth and authenticity to your home and dining table.

These special products made from olive wood are ideal for catering due to their natural antibacterial properties that help protect your health. As a natural characteristic of olive wood, these products are resistant to stains and water. Their smooth surface makes them less prone to scratching compared to traditional wooden products, setting them apart from the rest. Therefore, they retain their durability even after many years of daily use.

These products are not only practical, they are also extremely easy to clean and quick drying. This simplifies your cleaning and maintenance work and allows you to use them again immediately. Furthermore, the robust structure of the olive wood ensures that it is long-lasting and will serve you for many years.

These products support you in terms of health and comfort by bringing the beauty and durability of olive wood to your daily life. It is a perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

✅ For longer use, it is better to hand wash using warm water.
✅ After drying, apply olive oil with a cotton cloth. Continue applying until matt.
Keep dry and away from too hot or cold.
✅ You can polish scratches caused by use.
Please do not wash our products in the washing machine.

✔️ No trees are cut down to process our products. We choose our material from the stumps and branches formed after pruning. Pruning is a process that olive trees need to live longer.
✔️ The texture of the products may be different due to the structure of the tree.
✔️ Cracks can occur if not well cared for as mentioned in the maintenance paragraph. Following the instructions will help to minimize the possibility of cracks.


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