Premium Pink Vehicle Ornament Ayetel Kursi Written, Mini Quran Set, New Driver Gift, Eid Present, Car Hanging Dua Arabic Present, Father Day

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* Kraft Box with Ribbon Decorations (16*10 cm)
*Velvet Covered Mini Quran with Allah’s Word (6*5 cm)
*Home and Vehicle Ornament

A Special Touch for Special Occasions

This remarkable set makes an unforgettable gift for special occasions. Be it weddings, birthdays, graduations, or religious celebrations, this gift is both meaningful and elegant. The velvet-covered mini Quran adorned with the name of Allah holds immense spiritual significance, making any special occasion even more extraordinary.

Key to Tranquility and Elegance at Home

With its Kraft box and embellishments, this set not only beautifies your home but also offers the key to tranquility and elegance. Placed on the most beautiful shelf in your bookcase or in a prominent space, it adds a touch of elegance to your home’s atmosphere. Moreover, the spiritual peace that the word of Allah brings is constantly felt in your home.

Spiritual Protection and Serenity in Your Vehicle

Personalize your vehicles using this set, transforming your drives into spiritual journeys. Safeguard the velvet-covered Quran in a special place within your car, allowing you to experience spiritual protection and serenity during your daily drives.

Uninterrupted Access

The mini Quran’s size allows it to be carried with you at all times, serving as a book that’s always within reach. Whether traveling, working, or anywhere else, it ensures uninterrupted access to the word of God, providing a moment of spirituality whenever needed.

Unique Design and Quality

The ribbon-adorned Kraft box and the velvet-covered mini Quran are elegantly and meticulously designed, using top-quality materials to ensure longevity.

This product set offers a highly spiritual, chic, and meaningful gift option or an ideal personal use item. Whether at home, in your vehicle, or elsewhere, using this set allows you to experience spiritual tranquility and elegance.


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