Pure Paws Extra Actved Carbon Premium Cat Litter 2 Pack of Clumping Cat Litter Baby Powder, Highly Absorbent Natural Cat Sand Litter, Long Lasting Odour Control No Dust Cat Litter

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Bentonite Cat Litter is mainly mined in Turkey, especially in the Black Sea region. Bentonite, which is a natural mineral due to its mineral structure, iş preferred due to its rapid clumping and high odor absorption.

Pure Paw cat litter offers a pure use with its natural structure of bentonite mine, dust-free and quality varieties.


Is 100% natural, contains no additives. It is a multi-functional cat litter that carries all the benefits and features of perfect cat litter. It does not contain chemicals that could be harmful to your cat. Due to its formulation and the raw materials used, it has an excellent composition that provides you with the highest level of confidence before using for your cat.

Strong Clumping

• New formula has a disk shaped clump which is easy to scoop.
• The New Clump Retention (Strength) is higher than gold standards of %90.
• New Pure Paws provides strong and tight clumps with more than %90 clump retention that locks in odours and reduces crumbling.

Low Dust & Tracking

• New Pure Paws has Premium & Homogenous Appearance.
• New Pure Paws is enhanced by unique low dust formula (Max. %1). Significantimprovement on dust levels compared with majority of Turkish competitors.

Odour Eliniation

• With New Pure Paws’s unique formula, the bentonite granules releases fragrance when your cat paws the litter or through moisture.
• With its unique formulisation, New Pure Paws has more odour absorption capacitythan other bentonite based cat litters.
• New Pure Paws leaves behind less than %15 crumbles. Thereby, reduces theopportunity for odours to occur.


Place your cat litter box on a place which is easy to reach and comfortable. Pour the cat litter to the whole bottom of the litter box with 7-8 cm thickness. Clean the clumps and solid waste every day with a proper scoop. Complete the cat litter by adding fresh litter when the level decreases. Changing cat litter period may be reduced if you have more than one cat. Wash your hands with soap after contacting with cat litter in the box.


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