Set Of 4, Solid Copper, French Copper Canele Mold, Wholesale Copper Cupcake Mold, Perfect Cakes, Canele Mold, Christmas Gift

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Solid Copper, French Copper Canele Mold, Wholesale Copper Cupcake Mold, Perfect Cakes, Canele Mold

Cupcakes, French Canales, delicious cakes and pastry from France, Italy and, Turkey, pastry of the world. Bake perfect cakes and pastry with these French Cooper Canale Molds. Ideal for making almost all cakes and canales, deserts.

Using everyday common kitchen ingredients you will be baking awesome deserts for your family, friends, and guests in no time.

Quality copper with tin interior lining, excellent craftsmanship, made in Turkey, for cooking at home, or at professional venues.

Set Of 4

5,5 cm in diameter (2 1/4 inches)
5 cm in height (2 inches)
1.1 mm in thickness
Weight 338grams

Questions? Feel free to contact me at any time.

The Canelé is a must-eat delicious classic French pastry. They are eaten as a dessert, with a cup of tea or even breakfast, it is the pride of the Bordeaux region in France.

With milk, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, butter and a beautiful copper Canelé mold, you can make gorgeous home-made Canelés with a crisp outer-edge and a melting custard interior and have a bite of France in your own home.

The health benefits of copper include proper growth of the body, efficient use of iron, proper enzymatic reactions, and healthy connective tissues, hair, and eyes. It is also an integral element in preventing premature aging and increasing energy production. Apart from these, regular heart rhythm, balanced thyroid glands, reduction in arthritis symptoms, rapid wound healing, increased red blood cell formation, and lowering cholesterol are other health benefits of copper.


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