Uranus Handmade Natural Form Cutting & Serving Board, Chopping Board Portrait Cutting Board, Luxurious Wooden Serving Board

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Uranus Flat Formed Mortar Handle is always eye-catching with its unique texture. The high-quality olive wood is antibacterial, highly scratch-resistant and odour-free, making it an ideal choice for food use. The unique craftsmanship and the magnificent texture of the North Aegean trees perfectly complement the ambience of your kitchen.

Length: 23
Width: 40

These miraculous products, crafted from the venerable olive trees, effortlessly blend with the inspiration drawn from nature. Each one is a genuine marvel of nature, offering warmth and authenticity to your home and dining table.

These special items, made from olive trees, are ideal for serving meals due to their inherent antibacterial properties that help safeguard your health. As a natural attribute of olive wood, these products are resistant to stains and water. Their smooth surfaces make them less prone to scratches compared to traditional wooden items, setting them apart. Therefore, they maintain their durability even after long years of daily use.

Not only are these products practical, but they are also incredibly easy to clean and quick to dry. This simplifies your cleaning and maintenance tasks, allowing you to use them again promptly. Furthermore, the robust nature of olive wood ensures its longevity, serving you for many years to come.

These items bring the beauty and durability of olive wood into your daily life, supporting you in terms of health and convenience. They are the perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

✅ For a longer use, it is better to wash it with hand by using warm water.
✅ Apply olive oil with a cotton cloth after it dries. Keep doing it till it becomes dull.
✅ Keep it dry and away from too hot or cold.
✅ You can polish the scratches caused by the use.
❌ Please don’t wash our products in the washing machine.

✔️ No trees are cut for the purpose of crafting our products. We choose our material from the logs and branches created after the pruning process. Pruning is a process that olive trees need to live longer.
✔️ The texture of the products might be different because of the nature of the tree.
✔️ It may get cracks without taking good care as mentioned in the Maintaining paragraph. Following the instructions will help minimize the possibility of cracks.

9 reviews for Uranus Handmade Natural Form Cutting & Serving Board, Chopping Board Portrait Cutting Board, Luxurious Wooden Serving Board

    Cedric Phillips
    17 December 2023
    Better than I expected, these are made of real olive wood. I love them.
    Journee Alexander
    10 December 2023
    Unique and my son wanted one for his new home
    Enzo Leblanc
    27 October 2023
    Brilliant items. Good thick boards and all unique. Speedy delivery too.
    Gavin Calderon
    12 October 2023
    Absolutely stunning piece of wood and and really high quality final product. Super quick delivery! Highly recommend!
    Daxton Fuentes
    3 October 2023
    I love this, high quality, simple, beautiful.
    Ariah Simmons
    29 September 2023
    Lovely board. Just like the image. Great quality and a perfect size. Excellent value for money.
    Lisa Haynes
    28 September 2023
    I love the quality
    Helen Moody
    12 July 2023
    Beautiful quality wooden chopping board. It arrived on time in a thick padded envelope. I am very pleased with it
    Titus Quintero
    13 August 2022
    Very happy with my purchase

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